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Macro Crypto News This Week

  • Bitcoin Biggest Upgrade in 4 Years, Taproot, Successfully Activated

  • Senators Introduce Bill to Amend Troubling New Crypto Regulations

  • Time Magazine to Hold Ethereum on its Balance Sheet 

  • Fidelity Approved to Launch Institutional Bitcoin Services in Canada

  • Secures Naming Rights to Staples Center for $700M

Top FTX Signals of the Past Week

  • Deloitte Leverages Avalanche to Improve Recoveries from Natural Disasters

  • Basic Attention Token Launches Brave Wallet

  • Horizen Launches ZEN 3.0.0

  • OriginTrail to Integrate Decentralized Knowledge Graph on Acala

  • Injective Launches Astro: A $120 Million Liquidity Incentive Program

Deloitte Leverages Avalanche to Improve Recoveries from Natural Disasters 

Deloitte is launching CYAG, in partnership with Ava Labs, a cloud-based platform that leverages the Avalanche blockchain to improve security, transparency, speed and accuracy of FEMA funding and other disaster relief.

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— Kyle Dineen, Social Media Director


  • Deloitte has formed a strategic alliance with technology firm Ava Labs to enable a new disaster recovery platform that uses the Avalanche blockchain to help state and local governments easily demonstrate their eligibility for federal emergency funding.

  • Developed with the input and insight of first responders, public works departments, finance authorities and grant-making agencies, the new Close As You Go™ (CAYG) platform helps state and local government officials simplify and streamline disaster reimbursement applications to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

  • Using the Avalanche blockchain, CAYG’s cloud-based platform provides state and local officials with a decentralized, transparent, and cost-efficient system that empowers both grant makers and funding recipients while minimizing fraud, waste, and abuse.


This partnership will help state and local governments focus on their recovery, rather than extensive claims processes. It can help funds get approved and delivered faster to where they are needed during natural disasters, reducing costs and mitigating risks.

Price at the time of FTX Signal: $92. View AVAX on FTX.

Basic Attention Token Launches Brave Wallet

Earlier this week, we launched the Brave Wallet, a crypto wallet built into the Brave desktop browser, enabling Brave users to store, manage, grow, and swap their crypto portfolio from a single wallet.

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— Jennie T, Director of Community and Partnership


  • Unlike most crypto wallets, the Brave Wallet does not require extensions; it’s browser-native, reducing security risks and reliance on extra CPU and memory. 

  • Users can transact with almost any crypto asset with superior safety and performance, as well as connect with other wallets and Web3 DApps. 

  • The Brave Wallet will soon be available on Brave mobile apps as well.


For the first time, all Brave users will have access to Web3 decentralized applications (DApps) without installing browser extensions. They are able to remove key performance and security concerns while preserving the core features of popular crypto wallets. And unlike other wallet extensions, the Brave Wallet is built with an open MPL license, enabling developers to make contributions easily.

Price at the time of FTX Signal: $0.96. View BAT on FTX.

Horizen Launches ZEN 3.0.0

ZEN 3.0.0 is now available.

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— Erica Hamilton, Communications Manager


  • This release supports Zendoo Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol (CCTP). Horizen is introducing sidechain support to its zen node network. The Zendoo hard fork is already active on testnet and will activate on mainnet on December 1st, 2021.

  • For enabling chain interoperability (eg. bi-directional coin transfers between mainchain and sidechains) they introduced two new transaction types to implement the Cross Chain Transfer Protocol.


Horizen’s sidechain and scaling solution, Zendoo, is the first completely decentralized and fully customizable sidechain protocol on the market. Horizen’s Sidechain SDK provides all necessary components for the easy and fast deployment of a fully customizable blockchain.

Price at the time of FTX Signal: $0.96. View ZEN on FTX.

OriginTrail to Launch on Acala, Bringing its Decentralized Knowledge Graph 

We are beyond pleased to announce our partnership with the DeFi and liquidity hub of Polkadot & their inaugural Parachain winner Acala.

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— Žiga Drev, Co-Founder


  • OriginTrail is partnering with Acala, the DeFi and liquidity hub of Polkadot, and will be integrating its multi-chain Decentralized Knowledge Graph with the Acala platform.

  • This integration will place OriginTrail’s global mesh network of indexable assets (real world and digital) and data into the hands of developers in the Acala ecosystem.

  • Acala has received several Web3 Foundation grants and has backing from Coinbase Ventures, Pantera Capital, Polychain Capital, and others. Acala are the first-ever winners of a Polkadot parachain slot, with their bid attracting approximately USD 1.3 billion from 81,000 unique wallets.

  • OriginTrail’s core team has been working directly with Parity Technologies on a Substrate “pallet” for the DKG. This will essentially create a DKG “lego” that any Polkadot parachain can integrate by upgrading their chain (without the need to fork).


This integration will enable a plethora of use cases that combine Acala’s economy of assets with OriginTrail’s queryable and indexable network of assets. Effectively, this will mean that the DKG will be able to access information about Acala-linked assets on other blockchains and even off-chain, physical assets. This unlocks new use cases for the Acala platform.

Price at the time of FTX Signal: $1.73. View TRAC on FTX.

Injective Launches Astro: A $120 Million Liquidity Incentive Program

The community has voted to launch Injective Astro: A $120 Million Incentive Program to bring liquidity and traders to Injective Protocol.

Injective Astro will be the most monumental chapter in the history of Injective as it is one of the largest incentive programs not only within the exchange industry but also in all of DeFi.

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— Eric Chen, Co-Founder


  • The launch of Injective Astro alongside the recent mainnet release and the cross-chain Injective Bridge provide powerful reward incentives and a seamless user experience for new traders to onboard.

  • Injective Astro aims to distribute 10 Million INJ (≈$120 Million) over the next five years in order to bring greater liquidity to the Injective Protocol. Two sub-programs make up Astro: Trade & Earn and DMM.

  • A total of 3,000,000 INJ is proportionally allocated to all qualified direct market making program participants. A total of 7,000,000 INJ is proportionally allocated to all trading participants for their maker and taker orders every week. All users of Injective can benefit.


Injective Astro will bring new liquidity and user adoption for the protocol while furthering its goal of building the most powerful cross-chain protocol for completely decentralized derivatives trading.

Price at the time of FTX Signal: $12.40. View INJ on FTX.

Quotes of the Week:

The biggest risk with Bitcoin is missing out.”

CEO of Australia’s largest bank

“Bitcoin mining provides enormous opportunities.

— US Senator Ted Cruz

Chart of the Week:

As a proportion of supply (excl. exchanges), the vast majority of LTHs remain in profit, holding 78.7% of BTC in profit. Only 3% of the supply is held by LTHs at a loss. 
Even after a 20% correction off the ATH, Long-Term Holders did not appear to panic sell. After peaking at 13.5M BTC, LTHs have only distributed 100k BTC over the last month, representing <1% of total holdings.

Thanks for joining us and we look forward to bringing you our top FTX Signals again next week.

Jason Hamlin

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